Badge bunny dating site The Dangers of Badge Bunnies and Holster Sniffers

Badge bunny dating site

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How about expressing your passion for the badge by becoming a fellow police man rather than going out with one for the badge. Which in turn begs the question… How fucking stupid are these officers?

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Someone who is not a bunny will fall for your personality and then your badge. You may already have a great significant other, spouse or steady. Lmao y'all crack me up.

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Haha no I'm sorry sweetheart!! Thank You for your service!! I'm not a badge bunny. I had to get a disability badge bunny dating site from my job and now try to get by and not stress out for all those reasons you mentioned, and including "Survivor's Guilt". If you can answer these questions, please PM me at bearcanrock hotmail.

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I agree with you casanova The Sergeant could have easily given me his work number instead of his personal cell. Without commenting on your comment Jenn, I will say that for too many young as in age cops, a girl looking for a relationship based on the badge can seem incredibly attractive initially. It reminds me of the misery that so many corporate managers in the private sector inflict on their employees, at the behest of equally sadistic sexual harassment lawyers.

The first dating site app for blackberry tiny bit larger. I agree with most of what Pocahontas said but maybe they are being a bit harsh The group is also planning a badge bunny calendar for members only, she said. I couldn't imagine dating myself, haha the cop in me anyway. That's how you can tell the two apart.

Badge Bunny : I Have A Fetish For Cops And Soldiers Story

That understand law enforcement. You're a young officer, perhaps single and working the night shift. I had a LEO friend once, who found the hot looking woman who was rich. I'm in agreement with mostly everything "Pocahontas" said.

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Guess that's prob why I haven't dated a cop. Seems like it to me too, UAEnvy You've endured the academy, FTO program and are set on a career.

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I'm 20 years old, I have family and friend that are cops and I have a passion for it. For some reason the officers thought that including information about themselves and their training would be attractive to potential visitors to the site.