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Dating best friend expectation reality

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Suddenly, it all goes south. When you're best friends you like all the same stuff.

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While you're just friends you wear your fat pants, go without showering, and don't put on make up. You try and hold together a friendship that once was, but how could you possibly stay friends after having been that intimate and sharing that part of your life with them. You'd think that level of comfort would be good in a relationship, but you're missing a whole time in your relationship of dressing up and getting to know each other.

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So here are the expectations vs the reality of dating your best friend. You figure that because they know you really well, you won't fight much, and if you do, you at least know how to fight nicely with each other. In reality, you both have so much history on each other you can hit below the belt easily.

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Now, first let me qualify something: You listen to the same music, eat the same food, watch the same shows. I am talking about your best friend who is pretty much family and that you've always had a platonic relationship with.

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You think your relationship will span the decades, but you've made the promise that if anything were to happen you'll put your friendship first. Sex and commitment are great, but they come with fighting.

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He is the one to call you out when you're being a jerk, and he is your dating best friend expectation reality in crime. When you're dating it'll be the same Dating your best friend may sound like a good idea in theory, but the practice of it is another story.

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Can you really go back from that? Your comfort level While you're just friends you wear your fat pants, go without showering, and don't put on make up. And don't think that just because you didn't fight then, you won't fight now. If it doesn't work out, you still have your friendship Expectation: Having the same interests Expectation: Now every guy you see with her is going to lights dating beau you crazy because you know exactly what he gets to hold at night.