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In the context of what you say about your profile, might she mean "not materialistic"?

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It means you're paid up on your cable subscription and don't let any hobbies or other distractions get in the way of dating dte it. International concept brand, ICB offers smartly tailored pieces for the effortlessly cool, downtown girl. I suspect it is the I'm-trying-to-avoid-being-interested-so-I-don't-scare-you-off-because-that's-become-a-cardinal-rule-of-dating-apparently way of saying "I'm interested.

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What does "down to earth" mean? I've never heard it used in that way.

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Now, I could honestly tell you: That she found your profile to be straight forward, not trying to play games so that she feels she got a good view of what your really like not a overly complicated construction. Take it dating lottery a compliment.

But some more secular leaning people would see the anti-materialist leanings of the religious as not being down to earth, I think? That'd probably apply to stuff like, "You seem nice," or "Your profile is interesting. But like some others mentioned above, it may as well mean nothing.

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We created a flexible, custom CMS website for Prabal Gurung to showcase seasonal collections and social content in one seamless digital experience. I don't think so.

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Thanks for indulging this bit o' bean-plating. When we least expect it, God datings dte us by re-enchanting our daily experience and making every moment an opportunity to experience his blessing. So I agree that you can be head-in-the-clouds and down-to-earth - it just means that you don't deliberately play up to having your head in the clouds, or congratulate yourself too much on it, or do your utmost to make everyone aware of it all the time.

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Sorry, but I think drjimmy11 is right. I agree with SomeTrickPony -- I think regardless of what it is supposed to mean, it often gets used to mean that a person isn't into money, fashion, trends, etc. No, it certainly doesn't get the person any points beyond showing that they are interested, but sometimes that is enough. I've always equated down to dating dte with low maintenance.

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I don't think anyone uses "down to earth" as an insult. It means that she didnt read your profile very closely, or that she did and she is really uncreative with adjectives.

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Wes Gordon is known for infusing his pieces with luxurious, timeless sophistication and a youthful edge. Our vendor, Zacks Investment Research, hasn't provided us with the upcoming earnings report date.