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I am truly saved and satisfied in my relationship with God, but my husband and I have benefited immensely from professional Christian counseling. The problem with group settings is that not all personality types open up in group settings.

We thought they had lost their minds.

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I agree with Jonathan. She wanted him to do mentoring on the young man that was interested in her. Yes the culture was different. Many Americans value individual liberty more than life itself. I agree totally with what you are saying here as well—that a young lady given the freedom to date should be mature enough already to make the decisions that are God honoring and self honoring. December 31, But their proposed solution involved adding even more commitment, exclusivity and intensity, the very things that lead to the problem in the first place.

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I read that article myself a day or two ago, and wasn't very impressed. This is a jump very few are prepared to make. Also, you speak as though receiving guidance is a bad thing.

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Trust that he will give you the ability to wash the dishes yourself. That means there are more women than men. The problematic part of the situation is certain biases that are evident. I do not believe that any young man should have to ask a girls father for permission simply to take her out to dinner. With Traditional Dating, asking a girl out on a date is no big deal.

My parents are my best friends really. I found myself nodding in personal agreement most of the way through the article. I appreciate the prayer however it is intended.

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All methods, post Garden of Eden, are flawed. Your sound, Biblical and practical reasoning is refreshing. If adult, tell parents, but respectfully. Ritter Standley August 23, at 3: Explain to them that you all want the same thing: I know you personally are happily in a relationship dating fundamentally flawed a great person and yes, as you said, college is a very different environment from the real world What's out there doesn't seem to work.

Respectfully, I must disagree, sir.

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My oldest dating fundamentally flawed dated but not casually. I would like to pursue a relationship that my parents do not approve of because of a large age gap.

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Calling off a courtship can be as emotionally wrenching as calling off an engagement. I agree though that the labels are confusing and misleading. Along with nearly every single other approach to snagging a mate for life and lowering the divorce rates, this approach is fundamentally flawed because it focuses on the method instead of the hearts and intentions of the individuals involved.

And it all came about because he asked me, not my father, if I wanted to go to dinner sometime. Anonymous August 14, at 5: Whatever method you use, find that person. This explains what was wrong with it! Submitting to authority in obedience to God is never damaging.

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