Dating martin instruments What Year Was My Martin Guitar Built?

Dating martin instruments

Sitka spruce top darker than the and prior Adirondack spruce. But hide glue was still used until the mid-seventies for gluing tops to the rim and in some other situations. Generally thought of as the year all models were braced for steel strings.

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Any more, and the neck is "bowed". Black plastic pickguard glued directly to the top, clear finish then applied over top and pickguard.

On Martin guitars, this is a really big deal. The bigger the guitar body, the better and more collectible the guitar.

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Contact the vintage guitar info guy Back to Table of Contents Style 18 flat top. Transition started in with OH according to Longworth.

Early Romantic Guitar: Gallery of Dated Instruments

This three piece back was used on D's to allow Martin to use narrower rosewood that would otherwise go to waste. Mandolins use a different serial number system than guitars. Black outside layer body binding. Solid Peghead steel string models: The only proper way to make a "high string action" Martin guitar play correctly is to do a "neck set".

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See the above picture for what the popsicle or T-6 or upper transverse graft brace is. Contact the vintage guitar info guy Back to Table of Contents Style 15 flat top.

Torch peghead inlay and "snowflake" fingerboard inlays as used on to style 45 Martins. Steel string design Martin's first model to use it.

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With the correct neck set and bridge and saddle height, the guitar strings will drive the top of the guitar best, giving the best sound possible, and at the ideal playing action. Style C-1 arch top.


All others Indian rosewood and not collectible. The C-series archtops were long scale until mid, same as the models. Soundhole inlay of nine alternating black and white rings, inbetween two single black rings. Otherwise the post-war Grovers are direct dating martin instruments replacements for the pre-war versions.

This stopped in the late s, and was a progressive thing. And special orders for gut or dating martin instruments complicated things.

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No peghead ornament, nickel plated pegs: Brian Cohen - Soundpost, England. Twelve and fourteen fret steel string models from the mid 's to are the most collectible of all Martin instruments. The larger size 14 fret and "D" sizes from the 's are considered by most collectors and musicians to represent the golden era of the flat top Martin.

Serial Numbers Used To Date Martin Guitars

Martin made ukes for this company in to Small graduated dot fingerboard inlays from the 5th fret to the 15th fret. Green and white soundhole rope pattern Syle 17 specs: With the popsicle brace there is an additional 1" x 2" glue surface directly under the fingerboard. Legend Photo some with hyperlinks.

Belly bridge on style 18 guitars. Uke size instruments with eight strings are Taropatches.