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OkCupid datings site moderator read private messages between users April 2nd, by Lee Meryash. You mentioned that one of the things flagged was a series of private messages between two users.

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Women rarely are the first to contact men, as they are perpetually filtering through messages from dozens of men many of which are either 50 years old, complete creepers, or trying to not so subtly solicit sex. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. What would you do dating site moderator you came across something illegal?

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One day, more than complaints came into the site about fake profiles. In the case of child porn, we would pull down the site and contact the FBI. Turns out, real people were just using the same phrase: Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is up to you.

I really have no faith in the human race.

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After that, every time I saw him out at the bar or at a party with my friends, all I could think about was his love of feet. What kinds of things do you see getting flagged? The Online Privacy Blog.

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Royalty-Free Stock Photography by Rubberball. Reluctantly, I turned to online dating to make friends and perhaps find someone who could handle my egregious use of puns. Messages are out of our control, so why even show moderators that they have reported message in their history. How to throw a dinner party. No moderator can see personal information unless a particular picture or other facet has been flagged, and even then, moderators can only see the flagged item in question. E-mail us at wpmagazine washpost.

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One young lady posted a photo of herself in a sundress on a sailboat. Just find seven more people you find interesting and start over.


Is the person contacting me not as he should be? What sort of information? Along with each photo, we are given a small summary of the profile. Oddly, it seems some moderators did not even request the status. August 5, at 3: