Disadvantages of dating a hot guy The Pros And Cons Of Having A Hot Boyfriend

Disadvantages of dating a hot guy

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Next, ask yourself how you would feel about being with someone who is a few notches above you in the appearance department. But, we do care, attraction is important to a happy healthy relationship.

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It really is too much work! Of course, this is the obvious place to start. With him I have the best of both worlds: And he makes sure to tell me how pretty he thinks I am —often. Sure, you know you are with him for more than his looks.

The Pros of Dating a Hot Guy

But it was sort of a funny thing to have happen, so I laughed in a way that I hoped would suggest that I wanted her to see I was kind of busy at the moment. You want it always, but especially while on your period.

Like I thought she was uglier than me or something? At a bar one night, my eyes gravitated to Jason, who is the tall, dark, and handsome type.

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Dave was the same friendly guy, except now, women wanted him. Every woman wants a piece of him. He had beautiful eyes.

Magical fly-whisk: Did you know the origin of Kajwang’s most treasured item?

He is the total package, and he picked you. The cat is finally out of the bag! Think back to the last time you eyeballed a really hot guy. He is ever so hot, and even better he has a great personality.

If you have a jealous streak, perhaps it occurs to you that countless others must take note of—or even approach and hit on—your date when he or she is not with you.


He is a tiger! If you like hearing sweet nothings, these disadvantages of dating a hot guy are the last guys to expect that from. All of these symptoms are extremely unpleasant, but they have an important function: He was the hot guy in our office, and he always had the pretty recruits throwing themselves at him. But, sometimes that attention comes with perks.

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I chatted with him and ended up taking him home.