How much do matchmaking services cost How Much Do Matchmakers Cost?

How much do matchmaking services cost, relationships for dummies

Her tenacious, fun spirit made us instantly want to hire this dynamic team member! And as an ex-matchmaker with over ten years in the industry, I can assure you - there's plenty of competition.

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In return, we guarantee our clients go out on dates. Another sign of the rise of the go-between: Where do I start? No, this is not online dating. Matchmakers have also helped themselves by adapting giant bicycle dating of the same technologies that their online competitors use. Determine if they are a local citizen of your city and state because locals are more likely to have a strong database.

Jennifer Barnes Miotke President Jennifer Barnes Miotke brings a true passion for bringing people together and has worked in the dating industry for over 11 years.

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One might think that in an age of unparalleled access to potential dates through the Internet, matchmakers would be scraping for business. No more online profiles for the world to see. The service does the work while you have all the fun.

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Many matchmaking companies offer additional services such as image consulting, dating coaches, and even home evaluations, where she'll come to your house like she's your date and offer feedback based on what she sees. So last spring she opted to hire Ms.

“Matchmaker, matchmaker, what do you charge?”

Our professional matchmakers provide an enjoyable alternative to online dating. Since dating burnout is often a problem with other methods, this is a big advantage over library services, personal ads, and any other dating method where you do more of the work.

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Pleased with his experience, Mr. Other hybrids combine online technology with tradition.

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In addition, because the matchmaker has to match you, she has to keep the numbers relatively even with regard to sex, age, and other variables. If you want an honest evaluation of your dating life, contact us at or at email.

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You always have someone to talk to; unlike online dating, we are here to talk about your preferences and dating experiences. You can always withdraw your consent.


When you meet someone in a bar, you are generally drawn to each other by your looks or chemistry. Protect your personal e-mail address.

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This approach takes the pressure off a set-up and allows participants to meet a number of potential mates all in one place. Our professional matchmakers are genuinely interested in understanding you and finding out what kind of person you are dating her sister for.

That, of course, is a lot of money. Finally, most people who are willing to invest in a middleman are usually serious about wanting to find someone and settle down, so you can expect to be how much do matchmaking services cost with the caliber of people you will find in this way.

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First, you schedule a discreet, confidential interview with us where we learn more about who you are, and what you are looking for in a match. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Generally, the more it costs, the more you can expect to get in return.

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