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During this period, cards were printed with a border around the picture, to save ink. Kodak stopped producing platinum paper in With the earliest real photo postcards, only the address could be written on the back. These papers weretimes more light sensitive than print out papers and eventually became the paper of choice. In printed images the grey areas are usually made up of black marks that are spaced to create the optical illusion of greys.

Postcards that are NOT real photos are made up of many small dots.

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DuPont Defender - At least different real photo postcard backs can be found but as of this time there is a lack of accurate information regarding all their dates of use, or they were used in very limited quantities. The cost of processing this new real photo postcard dating of paper was too prohibitively expensive for the production of postcards.

Collodion emulsions produced prints with a very fine tonal range and sharp details. This article has multiple issues. You can approximate the age of the Real Photo by knowing when the paper manufacturer was in business.

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November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Also looking for stamp boxes not listed here, both U. These family photos and snapshots will show standard family poses, including little Jimmy in his school uniform, the family picnicking or a wedding reception. This gives these images a very matte look not normally associated with photography, and making some easy to confuse with collotypes.

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Many real photo postcards were unique prints captured by amateur photographers, but others were mass-produced by companies such as the Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company in Belfast, Maine. If your postcard has a stampbox, it may have words or marks denoting what paper was used. Rotograph and Kodak both manufactured bromide paper.

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Iron Salt Prints - This process was invented inbut its real photo postcard dating known use for a postcard was in This could go on for generations, and it is not uncommon to find the same photograph attributed to three different artists. Private Mailing Cards Beginning May 19printers were allowed, by act of congress, to print postcards marked 'Private Mailing Card' on the back.

The emultion on these papers were generally applied to paper with Baryta sizing, which was only available from Germany until Kodak began to manufacture it in How can I tell if my postcard is a real photo postcard?

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All albumen prints were made by contact printing and printed out. Starting on March 1, postcards could be printed with a vertical line on the back, with the area to the right of the line for the address, and the area to the left for a message. Early real photo postcards are small by their very nature and since most were contact printed, not enlarged, there is no visible texture. They have a warm to blue-black color and are highly subject to tarnishing. They tend to be vulnerable to contamination and can easily deteriorate.

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The address was to be written on the right side and the left side was for writing messages. Special coloring kits were eventually marketed aimed at the amateur.

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If you have any information, corrections, comments, or additions, please email ron playle. There are many postcards that reproduce photos by various printing methods that are NOT real photos If it exists, it is more noticeable at the edges and in the dark areas of the image, and when viewed at a specific angle to the light.

Chart courtesy of the2Buds. To make a standard sized postcard from negatives that needed to be contact printed the image always had to be cropped.

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There was often a blank area left on the front, or picture side, for a message. As old postcards can easily be reprinted on home computer printers these days, the following are some additional tips for telling the difference between vintage and modern reprints.

Real photo postcards are actual photographs that have been developed onto photographic paper. If you can identify the paper manufacturer, you can approximate the age of the old postcard.