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Reddit best dating stories

Been together 3 years next week: No shit, I thought that was like two years ago The movie sucked but it was finally time to go home.

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When we did meet up she spent the entire time saying how I looked like peter griffin and left the restaurant hysterically laughing saying there was no way she could fuck peter griffin. I go ahead and pay for my food.

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By the end, the woman always looks either embarrassed, best dating stories or completely frustrated out of her mind. Haha I will always remember that moment.

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I best dating stories the date in a hurry and while backing out of my spot, accidentally hit another car no damage on their car at allcausing my left taillight to go slightly askew. The upside is the town she lived in has a boss ass comic shop so I got to pick up some cool shit beforehand. When it came time for his train home he purposely missed it so he could stay the night.

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It was so refreshing the whole experience of her saying she still wanted me there in 30 more minutes that I got a second wind while my date had about her fiftieth. I gently and politely whisper into her ear and ask if that's a great idea given that she sounded like a hyena in labor on the ride over.

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I don't know why I didn't just ditch him at the movies but I got back into his car so he could drive me home. He studies fashion but insists he knows more than me about cybersecurity, a field I've been working professionally in for quite some time.

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After food, we go for a drive in my car. I own a bakery, I see a lot of shitty first coffee dates and shitty people in general, but there's one that will always be the worst for me.

He leaves to smoke, but the girl stays behind.

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They waited with me for the cab to come pick me up. Neither of us knew the other was going through the exact same situation. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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No follow up conversation. He was looking for a replacement mom quick. I go over to his house and we walk around the park by his house.

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The real case is here:. After that he sent me messages a day through tinder, text, Snapchat and eventually he found other social media.

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Nope, it was real. I has asked her out on several occasions over the course of about a year and she finally said yes. I'm an old dude to be exact--who usually crashes by 10pm but I decided to be spontaneous for once in my life and overlook the fact she lacked a car, driver's license and job.