Schick injector razor dating Schick Injector Razors

Schick injector razor dating

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No one stocks them here. Help Identify an old Schick Injector Let's talk about single and double edged razors and the blades that they use.

This is, by no means, a list with comprehensive descriptions or values. Someone else can give you more detail Share Share this post on Digg Del. This releases tension on the blade, and allows for the old blade to be pushed out.

Schick Injector Razors

Note that this is a completely different razor from the ones made later that have the stainless steel handle. The only way I clean my injectors Gallery Reviews Shave Wiki Contribute. Top one seems to be a G1 and the next a G8 from to Also, unlike most Krona's, this one both sides shave equal. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts.

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Tomorrow maybe another injector razor dating. Amazon is a good source too. Injectors were strongly popular in Japanmuch more so than Gillette products after a Gillette blunderfrom the s onward, [1] topping even the Japanese company Featherwhose DE blades remain popular. Do you already have an account?


Buy it now and get it quick! Oct 28, 0: Installed a Gillette 7 day blade.

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Schick G heads all the same? I've only had it for about 33 years and not one problem, but it does beg the question; "gee, I wonder if Personna ASR would still honor the warranty? The second one, the G8, isn't supposed to open like the E, it may be hard to get it to close and it may cause some looseness and rattles.

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Those who design "Fool Proof" systems often underestimate the ability of fools. Tried diving off my meds.

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Well, solve one problem and another one takes its place, apparently Oct 27, 9: My A1C jumped to Second one is 'G-8', also plastic handle