Unfair matchmaking dota 2 Unfair matchmaking dota 2

Unfair matchmaking dota 2

So we need the losers to win if you know what i mean again.

Really, where do all those people who 'complain' about M-M being bad and unfair disappear to when an idea that can actually solve their problems is given: Some of them only got keys a relatively short time ago.

Originally posted by Pyro Penguin:. That's not entirely true I believe.

Why would they state that otherwise? If you feel you calibrated too early, close your current account or let it rest and start with a new one.

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On my winstreak games, the team communicates, everyone does their job and flaming is to a minimum. I just want Valve to take a hard long look on the mirror, and really think if the system is really fair, like it should be on one of the most popular competetive games online.

And the toxicity is enough to kill a cockroach.

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Maybe that will make Valve take more serious approach at the problem. That's maybe not the case. I bet they wont though. A small tip if you are tired of 'unfair' matchmaking. I know, I'm not a perfect player, I do make mistakes and some games are lost because of that.

Most of us are new to this game, barely knowing all the heroes. Account level doesn't even mean they have more experience, it's based on trophy points, and XP trophy is only one of them. Purdurabu View Profile View Posts. Current system distorts the actual rankings and allows some players to climb the ladder with just average performance, and prevents some with high er performance of reaching their level. How is it that my team, with combined player level of is matched against a unfair matchmaking dota 2 with combined level of Our team the highest level players 40, the rest are 33, 5 and even a lvl 1 player.

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I study mechanics, I watch guides. So if i am new to the game what is my mmr? Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

A small tip if you are tired of 'unfair' matchmaking

Visit the Dota 2 Lore Megathread. Don't listen to these people who say MMR is meaningless, they are just bitter because they are stuck at low mmr and would rather blame the system than working on improving their own game. You are quite good balanced with your skill bracket.

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